Monday, January 20, 2014

EXTRA: Will they let it go? Or, Ouch! Does it still hurt all these years later?

Yes, I'm too cheap to send out individual King Day greeting cards. Although they do exist. Image provided by Greeting Card Universe.

I should point out with regards to the reference I made about the pastor at a King Day celebration who previously was outspoken in his opposition to gay marriage in Illinois that he wound up speaking about the need for African-American people to honor King’s memory by striving to make the most they can of their lives.

He didn’t bring up gay marriage. Although I did notice several of his supporters wearing yellow buttons that read, “Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman.” Some people just can’t let certain issues go.

ALTHOUGH IT ALSO was amusing, in a warped sort of way, to hear his reference to King’s time in Chicago – particularly that rally through the Marquette Park neighborhood back in 1966.

What other city on Planet Earth greets a Nobel Peace Prize winner by hitting him in the head with a brick?

And how ridiculous does this make Chicago appear to be, even if it was nearly some 48 years ago?


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