Tuesday, January 28, 2014

EXTRA: Some people just stubbornly desperate for negative attention

I’m not sure who is out-of-touch with the real world these days – the Catholic bishop of Springfield, Ill., or the Indiana House of Representatives.

PAPROCKI:  The disciplinarian?
Both of them this week made it clear they’re not about to go along with anything that is about recognizing marriage as being a legitimate concept for gay couples.

THE INDIANA HOUSE gave its approval on Tuesday to a measure that puts a ban on gay marriage into the Indiana state Constitution. Although it still needs approval from the Indiana state Senate, and another round of Legislature approval in 2015 – before it can go on the ballot for Indiana voters to decide in 2016.

Meanwhile, Bishop Thomas Paprocki – who heads the Catholic church in Springfield and surrounding parts of central Illinois – gave an interview to a religious-oriented website in which he made it clear he’s standing by the prayer ritual he did last year on the day that Gov. Pat Quinn signed gay marriage into Illinois law.

You remember the exorcism? He tried to drive out the demons, so to speak, that caused our political people to approve the change in law!

If anything, Paprocki bothers me more, and not just because he’s actually a Chicagoan who used to be a priest in the Chicago archdiocese before he moved up in the Catholic church ranks by moving down in terms of location.

IN HIS INTERVIEW, Paprocki claimed that being opposed to gay marriage is equivalent to disciplining a misbehaving child. You do it to teach a lesson, while expressing love and caring for the child.

“You really have to understand what love is all about. Love is really to seek the best for people. By being opposed to the redefinition of marriage and being opposed to things that are sinful, that’s actually a very loving thing,” he said to the Lifesitenews.com website.

They were dealt a blow Tuesday!
What a batch of bull!?!

Too many of the people who are pushing for a rejection of marriage for all are doing so because of their desire to want to look down, so to speak, upon others. For Paprocki to get so worked up in his desire to offer aid and comfort to that segment of our society is what makes others amongst us convinced that the church structure becomes the source of our problems.

HE STIRS UP more resentment, and makes it more difficult for rational thought to prevail.

Whereas the Indiana General Assembly’s behavior was just so predictable. With other states taking on the gay marriage issue, the Republican leadership decided that not only was it NOT going to go along, it was going to take a spiteful response.

Hence the writing of the concept of a marriage ban for non-traditional couples into their state Constitution. Which makes it all the more difficult for the issue to be addressed seriously.

It becomes all too similar to many of the southern states that, in the years after the Civil War, created state constitutions that included restrictions on black people and made it near-to-impossible for future Legislatures to erase them.

THOSE POLITICAL PEOPLE were determined to maintain a segregationist mindset and prevent some foolish (to their mentality) pols of the future from doing away with it.

Just as it would seem some want to ensure that no “gay marriage nonsense” ever taints the Hoosier state!

PHILIP: Showed restraint?
When Illinois, back in 1996 when Republicans ran everything, altered state law to make it further clear that marriages between gay couples were NOT permissible, they never went so far as to go to the state Constitution amendment route.

Even the legislative era of James “Pate” Philip managed to show a little bit of restraint in its ideological maneuvers.


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