Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hocker in hair of Trump heir?

It’s one of those stupid, nonsensical-type stories that get too many people all worked up – some lowly waitress had the unmitigated gall to spit a hocker at the son of the president of the United States.
ERIC TRUMP: The target?

It’s true – Eric Trump was eating at an upscale Chicago restaurant when his waitress spit at him.

BECAUSE HE HAS Secret Service protection, the agents immediately pounced on her, hauled her away, and turned her over to Chicago Police. Where she could have faced some sort of criminal charge along the lines of assault.

Except that Trump eventually decided to not pursue the matter – which would have required him to show up in court to be on hand as she worked her way through the criminal justice system in Cook County.

He probably felt the whole matter wasn’t worth his time or inconvenience. Although the reports on the incident indicate the waitress in question was suspended from her job.

It may well turn out she will lose the job altogether, and it may turn out that at least one potential future employer will decide not to hire her because of her conduct in this incident.

WHICH WOULD NOT be an unjust act. Losing her job because she lost her cool for a moment and let the junior Trumpster know exactly what she thought of him!

It’s that old cliché, the customer is always right. Even though in reality, it usually turns out when there are problems that the customer became a pompous ass – which brings on the bad behavior.

But one of the rules of working occasionally menial jobs is that there are times when people have to put up with pompous behavior of customers. All part of the rules of providing good service – which usually is what differentiates a good business from a bad one.
Scene of the 'crime'
Meaning the waitress should most likely have waited until after Trump, the Eric, was out-of-earshot – then developed some sort of story she probably could have told for the rest of her life about what a twit the younger Trump is. Many people would have eagerly believed her.

INSTEAD, THAT HOCKER wound up providing the content for countless horror stories that people will tell instead.

Even Mayor Lori Lightfoot is getting in the act – going around calling the incident “repugnant” and making people feel sorry for Eric Trump.

Personally, I always get bothered when people are eager to spread a story about something that could be a police matter – but they don’t want to actually go through the legal process.

For this story is finding as its source The Trump Organization – meaning it’s Eric himself, using the public relations people who have spent years making the boorish antics of Donald Trump himself seem as though he’s really a colorful character. Instead of someone who probably would have deserved to get dozens of loogies aimed in his own direction throughout the years.

MEANING I EXPECT that this woman will eventually have the most personal details about herself spread about – while Eric Trump continues to act as though what a shame it is that “poor, little ol’ me” was singled out for abuse.

Now I don’t know for sure whether this was a case of a waitress forgetting her place for a moment, or whether it was Eric Trump who did something that considered an act of provocation.
Prepared to take a 'loogy' for presidential son?
In fact, I don’t doubt that we’ll never find out exactly what occurred. Too many people who have their own ideologically partisan reasons for doing so will now concoct their own versions of what they want to believe happened.

And the layers of nonsensical rhetoric will be added on and on and on. Enough that I’m reaching for the Tylenol bottle – this so-called issue has given me a headache.


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