Monday, September 10, 2018

Does J.B. have to fight to get his campaign attention in coming weeks?

We’re past Labor Day; which makes now through the coming weeks when would-be voters actually start paying attention to the upcoming Election Day – giving thought as to who they want to be governor for the next four years.
Could this yet-to-be-determined mayoral hopeful … 

Yet Democratic nominee J.B. Pritzker has one disadvantage going against him – the fact that the withdrawal of Rahm Emanuel as a candidate for mayor means that most Chicago-area people who give a damn about anything political are going to be focusing their attention on trying to figure out who’s going to run for mayor in next year’s election cycle.

AT THE VERY point in time when Chicagoans should be thinking about the governor’s race come Nov. 6, Pritzker is going to face a great reality about the Chicago political scene.

That is the fact that many would-be voters could care less about state government activity. They’re going to view the governor’s post as the least significant of the top-level political posts that exist. Mayor and U.S. senator are much higher priorities.

Which could be the factor that makes incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner not a totally hopeless case in terms of his desires to be re-elected to a second term in office.

The Rauner campaign is one that is focusing its attention on trying to turn out the vote in the rural parts of Illinois. Which most definitely means outside of Chicago. In places where the fight over who will be the next mayor of Chicago is one of no relevance.
… take attention away from Pritzker, … 

AS MUCH AS us Chicago residents think such people live in isolation, it could be that a strong vote for Rauner in the 96 counties outside the Chicago metropolitan area could make him competitive electorally come Election Day.

Could electoral apathy be the factor that enables Rauner to overcome his own political complications and have a chance to actually win in November?

Could the mayoral brawl, what with people like Toni Preckwinkle or Luis Gutierrez deciding they want to rise to the political top and candidates like Paul Vallas and Garry McCarthy trying to claim they deserve to be taken more seriously than somebody who’s only now deciding they might want to run for office come February 26, wind up taking attention away from Pritzker?
… thereby bolstering Rauner's chances?

I couldn’t help but notice the event Friday in Urbana where Pritzker tried making his electoral appeal to University of Illinois-types at a coffee shop.

PRITZKER GOT ATTENTION because of who he brought along with him – former President Barack Obama, who managed to steal the focus of the event to the point where I’m sure there that the people who were at the Café Paradiso at the time of the event will remember it as the time they got to see Obama in person.

Did they even notice the heavy-set guy (who admittedly has lost some weight during his past year on the campaign trail) who was off to the side? Did they give him any thought whatsoever?

That might start happening a lot more in coming weeks. Because at a time when the candidates are supposed to step up their efforts full-throttle to try to capture Election Day votes, many Chicago voters are going to have their attention diverted.

Because there is only so much attention one can pay to political matters; and I also don’t doubt there will be others who will be more preoccupied with thoughts of the Chicago Bears and trying to have delusional thoughts that this team could be a Super Bowl contender.

I’M SURE FEB. 26 (and April 2 in the likely event that a mayoral run-off election is needed) are dates that will garner more attention amongst people than Nov. 6.
Was Barack the 'big man'  in Urbana?

Not that I’m predicting a Rauner victory. That man has his own political issues, and the fact that many Illinois voters living outside metro Chicago are disgusted with his own performance to the point where they want "Anybody But Bruce" to be the Election Day victor.

Which means the next 58 days could wind up being a political period with a sense of apathy amongst voters.

Almost as though we can hardly wait for this silly election cycle to come to an end so we can get on with the one that truly matters!


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