Wednesday, October 28, 2015

EXTRA: Six months?

It would appear that could become the prison term that one-time House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert may receive when he faces sentencing come Feb. 29.

Hastert, as expected, showed up at the federal courthouse Wednesday and entered a plea of “guilty” to one charge of evading bank reporting requirements. Because he didn’t fight and was regarded as being cooperative, the other charge of lying to FBI agents was dropped.

BUT AS ALSO expected, we didn’t get any titillating details about why Hastert needed to come up with so much cash that he had to go around laws regarding bank withdrawals and how much one can get at one point of time without having to report the transaction to the federal government.

We got the hints early on that Hastert needed the money to pay someone off to keep their mouth shut about allegations of sexual indiscretions back when Hastert was a high school teacher and wrestling coach at Yorkville High School.

But that’s it. Hastert, by being willing to accept a minimal prison term come Leap Day, may well have made his indiscretions the question to which we’ll never know the answer.

At least not until the National Enquirer pays someone to tell a tale that may be about as accurate as the stories the supermarket tabloids have come up with about President Barack Obama’s alleged infidelities.


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