Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Will we want to hear what former Bear Clark thinks about his kid’s schooling?

The way we want to think of Desmond
I find the circumstances of former Chicago Bears tight end Desmond Clark to be intriguing.

Clark went to his son’s high school in suburban Vernon Hills to confront officials about what he thinks is unjust treatment, and HE winds up facing criminal charges. School officials say they felt intimidated by Clark’s demeanor.

ACTUALLY BY BOTH Clark and his wife, Maria. He is charged with disorderly conduct, while she is charged with assault. Both are free on $2,500 bond.

The two got arrested for an incident on Aug. 29 at the high school that was supposed to be a discussion about the fact that their son says he’s being harassed on racial grounds.

They wanted to see what, if anything, the school was prepared to do about it. The fact that the high school appeared to be interested in doing nothing about it angered the Clarks – which is totally understandable.

Even though the high school wants to believe they’re the victim in this saga – and I’m sure there are enough people out there who get all squeamish whenever racial issues come up that they’ll be willing to believe that the former ballplayer ought to just shut up about it!

THIS MAY BE the one “cardinal sin” a former professional athlete can commit. Many bad things would be forgiven because of the fact that Clark was once athletic enough to wear the uniform of the Chicago Bears.

But bring up racial issues? That’s very bad, in some eyes.

Most of the news accounts I have read about this incident have been rather vague. Which is why I find it ridiculous that the high school district felt compelled on Monday to say it thinks the incident has been taken out of context.

I’d argue the reports have not put the problem in any true context. We really don’t know what happened, or what the behavior is that the son has had to endure that had the parents so upset.

EXCEPT FOR A WBBM-TV news report where Clark opened up to a little more detail, saying his son has been harassed on racial grounds ever since he started at the school in 2012. Such as being called assorted racial slurs and being told his parents hang from trees in the front yard.
Usually, they'd be proud to have former Bear amongst parents

Totally believable in light of the fact that there are people with their own racial hang-ups, and at that age they’re stupid enough to think their nonsense actually means something.

But the current outburst is related to the fact that Clark’s son was being disciplined by the school for being seen intoxicated while at a rally celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup victory earlier this year.

Because of that, school officials said he was prohibited from participating in a lip-synch contest being held at the high school. When the son tried challenging that decision, a school administrator is alleged to have said, “If he wants to act like a criminal, he can get out.”

A COMMENT THAT infuriated Clark to the point where he and his wife went to meet with school officials, and tempers were lost to the point where the school called the police – and Clark is now banned from the high school campus.

A move that strikes me as being motivated more by trying to make Clark look bad when the criminal case eventually goes to trial – or winds up getting settled with some sort of plea deal.

Admittedly, Clark’s account makes it seem like an open-and-shut acquittal for him, particularly since the school is refusing to say much of anything – usually a sign of someone covering up. But I don’t doubt that there are those who wish Clark would just pipe down so we can go back to just thinking of him in terms of those former Sunday afternoons when he took to the gridiron at Soldier Field.

Although if we want to be honest, those people who can’t view ballplayers as human beings and don’t want to address such racial outbursts most often are the real problem our society faces.


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