Thursday, September 3, 2015

EXTRA: Talk can be cheap

Read my lips, No new taxes
-- Republican presidential nominee George H.W. Bush at the Republican National Convention, Aug. 18, 1988.

I further pledge that I will not seek to run as an independent or write-in candidate nor will I seek or accept the nomination for president of any other party
-- The pledge that presidential dreamer Donald Trump was asked by Republican Party officials to sign on Thursday.


TRUMP: Will he regret Thursday
Democratic political partisans like to say that former President George Bush (the elder) made the biggest broken political promise in history when he claimed he wouldn’t raise taxes, then did so during 1990 and 1991.

Personally, I’d wonder if Trump will top that by claiming he will show loyalty to the Republican Party primary process.

BUSH: Would Jeb make a similar pledge?
IT JUST SEEMS Trump will let his ego dictate his actions, rather than any pledge he signs on Thursday. Particularly since the pledge is not a legally-binding document. Nobody's going to sue him if he runs regardless of the voters' will.

He may decide that the public “needs” him in the White House so much that he MUST continue to run for office – even if the naïve fools of the GOP pick someone else to be their nominee. And those polls out now that show Hillary Clinton winning a general election with most people voting for either Jeb Bush OR Trump outnumbering her support wind up being very accurate.

Which means that whatever Trump does publicly later Thursday at his New York offices may not be worth the paper it’s written on.


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