Friday, August 7, 2015

Why Trump ain't fit for president

I didn't watch any of the would-be Republican presidential dreamers debate as it occurred Thursday, and I'm glad.

For if I had, I suspect I would still be repulsed. As it turns out, reading the wrap-ups and reports that came from Cleveland pretty much confirmed what I suspected.

DONALD TRUMP IS a dink, and anybody who takes his campaign (whether as a Republican or a political independent) seriously is in need of serious mental help,

Much of the public attention is going toward Megyn Kelly, the blonde Fox News anchor who presided over the debate and tried to call out Trump on some of his more misogynistic quips of recent past -- only to have him tell her basically she (and all other women) need to get over it.

Personally, I was amazed by his comments about the intelligence level of the U.S. government, which he seems to think is being conned by the Mexico government into accepting people into this country whom Mexico would just as soon be rid of.

I'm sure he'll try to defend his nonsense talk by saying he was actually praising Mexico; but in such a back-handed manner that it came across as the ultimate of insults to my ethnic brethren.

ALTHOUGH I'LL ADMIT it was totally in line with the kind of rhetoric he has been spewing about immigration and Mexico. I'm glad he didn't try to do some sort of back-talk that tried to apologize (but not really) for his past comments.

It seems that Donald Trump, the New York real estate developer who has had a hand in erecting so many ugly structures upon our society, is determined to be the 21st Century equivalent of Pat Buchanan.

Back when Buchanan tried running for president, he tried appealing for votes to those xenophobes amongst us who are determined to vilify Mexico as the root of all evil. Trump seems to want those voters now.

I don't dispute that those kind of people exist, and that they will vote. But Trump has now established himself as the loudmouth with the foreign-bashing spiel -- and the guy who probably thinks all people from Latin American nations are really "Mexicans" who "ought to be illegal" within the boundaries of the United States.

HE MAY GET some votes from older-generation Cuban exiles who have always resented the fact that they do not dominate the image of Latinos in this nation. Maybe even a stray Puerto Rican or Dominican.

But he can forget about the nonsense-talk he has spewed about winning the Latino vote. It's not going to happen!

What Trump is is an un-apologetic buffoon who wants to be able to spew insults upon everyone not like himself, then dump further trash-talk upon them when they try to defend themselves.

Just like the way he dealt with Kelly when she mentioned some of the insulting comments he had made about women in the past. It's her problem, he said. While probably believing that the Miss USA pageant that he owns will be great source material to provide the future first lady of a Trump administration.

HE CERTAINLY DOESN'T think it is his problem, even though anyone with sense would realize this is just a trash-talker who's a bully and who wants to believe that he's being bullied by everyone who refuses to give in to him.

Which is why I expect the Republican operatives and their voters ultimately will dump Trump. Although I also think he will run as an independent because he won't want anyone else telling him what to do during a campaign season.

And when he ultimately loses, he may well top Richard Nixon's 1962 concession speech for California governor -- the one where he said we, "won't have Dick Nixon to kick around any longer."

Let's just hope that a Trump political defeat some time next year won't result in a political comeback some six years later!


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