Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump trumps Rauner when it comes to being wealthy fool full of himself

Anytime those of us in Illinois think our governor excels in the arrogance department with the way he equally refuses to compromise toward a new state budget, all we have to do to get a jolt of reality is take a look at Donald Trump.

Does Trump need boot in behind to shrink ego?
The New York real estate developer who thinks his wealth is evidence of his genius has managed to tick off so many people with his recent views on Mexicans. Now, he’s ticking off people who probably want to believe Trump knows exactly what he’s talking about on that issue.

FOR NOW, TRUMP is going after military veterans – specifically Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., whose public image relies heavily on the fact that he served during the Vietnam War and did a lengthy stretch as a prisoner of war.

There are those who give McCain so much credit for the fact that he was incarcerated by the North Vietnamese faction and endured more than his share of torture.

Trump recently went out of his way to mock McCain, saying he deserves no real praise for his military record. Although I suspect his real criticism is the fact that Trump donated money to McCain’s unsuccessful 2008 presidential bid.

Which means he wasn’t able to “buy” the ability to tell the president what to do. That is really what interest the overly-wealthy corporate types have in electoral politics – they want to have their business interests reinforced!

OF COURSE, IN the case of Trump, he has a decades-old track record of having an over-bloated ego and sense of self-importance – the motivation for his latest bid for the Republican nomination for president in next year’s election cycle.

McCAIN: How heroic is he?
Just as Rauner got tired of trying to buy political influence through campaign contributions and went ahead and got himself elected to a political post, Trump is trying to do the same.

Yet I don’t think Rauner has the nerve to pull off the trash-talk that Trump has given us; nor would he then follow it up by spewing stupid-talk about how others ought to apologize to him for having the nerve to think that he is wrong to begin with.

That is what we have got from Trump – he thinks people critical of his Mexico rhetoric have done him wrong, and now he thinks those upset with his criticism of McCain ought to bow down and beg forgiveness for having the nerve to say he’s wrong.

RAUNER: What does he think of The Donald?
FOR THE RECORD, I’ll agree that McCain’s military record often gets exaggerated by political partisans who want to score political points on Election Day. They want to think every Republican official warrants praise, while also blasting any military veteran (remember John Kerry from ’04) who winds up becoming a Democrat.

But trying to trash McCain bolster his presidential dreams just comes across as tacky.

Because I always thought the fact that McCain endured the mental strain of incarceration in the service of his nation was worthy of some respect. I suspect that Trump – if he ever had been put in that situation – would have cracked within minutes.

The wimp!!!

I KNOW SOME people are eager to make much of this by saying it actually benefits Trump. After all, there are polls showing Trump doing well in Iowa and New Hanpshire (the first states to express themselves in the upcoming election cycle) and leading nationwide.

That nationwide lead is only 17 percent – or roughly one of every six people who think of themselves as Republican. That’s a lot of Republicans who don’t want Trump, along with all the people who don’t think of themselves as being a part of the GOP.

Many of those Republicans are going out of their way to avoid saying anything – they don’t want to give the Democrats they invariably will challenge any ammunition to be used against the Party of Lincoln.

Although it makes me wonder if, in his private moments when he’s in the Executive Mansion, Rauner’s shuddering in disgust is a combination of Trump’s latest ego-bloated statements AND the decaying condition of his official residence!


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