Monday, September 8, 2014

Obama should act on immigration sooner rather than later, because he’ll get dumped on no matter when he acts

Two-plus decades of following government activity makes me fully aware of the reality that there is a proper time and place to take actions on issues of controversy.


I realize it is possible to do something at the “wrong” time, no matter how proper an act it is, and wind up doing more harm than good to society as a whole.


BUT LEARNING HOW President Barack Obama is once again postponing any action on immigration reform makes me wonder if he realizes how much he’s doing himself political harm by continuing to wait to act.


For aides to Obama on Saturday let it be known that Obama won’t do anything on the immigration issue until after the Nov. 4 election cycle is done. He won’t be using his executive order powers to implement any kind of solution that Congress’ Republican members have blatantly refused to even consider.


The Reuters wire service reported that anonymous aides to Obama were saying that the president is afraid any action on his part on the issue will only anger Republican partisans and conservative ideologues to the point where they will turn out in extra strength to vote for candidates who will oppose him in the future.


I don’t doubt that any action on immigration policy that does not focus solely on increased deportations of those foreigners will offend the ideologues.


BUT IF OBAMA thinks he’s going to appease those people in any way by not acting now, he’s seriously misguided.


If anything is going to happen, it is going to be that he’ll drive down the number of votes from people who want to see serious reform of the nation’s immigration policy.


He’s going to increase the hostility of the kind of people who call Obama the “deporter-in-chief,” in reference to the fact that he has done nothing to stall policies implemented by past presidents that have boosted the number of deportations that have occurred in recent years.


Obama is, if this delay actually occurs, taking actions that are in opposition to the very people who voted for him in two past presidential elections. Considering that the basic campaign strategy for Democratic Party operatives in trying to maintain control of the U.S. Senate is to say that Obama needs a Democratic majority in at least one chamber of Congress if he is to avoid spending the final two years of his presidency fighting off ideologue attacks, this move is merely meant to make people think it doesn’t make one bit of difference who they vote for come Nov. 4.


HIS ACTIONS IN favor of immigration policy now might have encouraged sympathetic voters to turn out. I’m willing to bet now that they’re not going to care much either way what happens.


And you know if we do wind up with an ideologue-leaning Republican-controlled Congress, it ensures nothing will happen on the immigration issue until we get a new president – regardless of which party.


What Obama aides are probably trying to disguise as compromise comes across as little more than cowardice.


For Congress has just shown too many times, including this past spring and summer, its unwillingness to act because the Republican officials are too eager to appease the ideologues who want a government that upholds their ethnic and racial hang-ups about life.


SO HERE’S HOPING that Obama can somehow come up with another change of heart. Because the immigration policy we have now truly is a bureaucratic mess – particularly in the way it splits up so many families into “legal” and “illegal” members.


This is an issue whose time truly came quite a ways back, and for which there will never be a time when the opponents of sensible immigration policy will ever be appeased. The longer we, as a society, wait to act, the more ridiculous we come across as being.


Will the president – who has talked of wanting to address this issue since before the days he became president – let his political cowardice become a part of the problem?



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