Thursday, November 29, 2012

EXTRA: From da mayor’s mouth

“Never expect a politician not to be shameless. Okay?”


EMANUEL: Mayor Double Negative?
Those were the words of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as spoken to the student body at Mount Carmel High School – which on Saturday beat a large suburban school (Glenbard North) for the Class 8A state championship in football.

Emanuel showed up Thursday at the high school, escorted by the Caravan football team, and school officials noted the day was also the mayor’s 53rd birthday.

HENCE, HIZZONER GOT a Caravan football champs t-shirt as a gift (they were also sold on campus to anyone willing to fork over some cash) and had the student body sing “Happy Birthday to him.

Which caused Emanuel to express his line after he mugged for the newspaper and television cameras while wearing the t-shirt over his white dress shirt and blue-ish tie.

I’m sure the grammarians are going to get all worked up over the fact that Emanuel used a double-negative – which often is awkward and has the negatives cancelling each other out.

Which means in this case that we should always expect politicians to behave in “shameless” ways. That might well be the most honest thing those young people ever hear from a government official in their lifetimes!


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