Friday, January 20, 2012

Political chaos! That’s GOP these days

What a mess the Republican primaries for president seem to have become.
ROMNEY: Blowing 'front runner' status

I woke up Thursday to news reports that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney didn’t really win the Iowa caucuses (although the confusion and technicalities that are involved may really be evidence that the caucus concept itself is flawed).

BUT I CAN’T say that former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania should think that highly of his new win. Because Romney got the benefits of being the “winner” for a couple of weeks and the momentum that goes with it.

I couldn’t help but note the tone of condescension in the statement Romney issued that congratulated Santorum on his “victory.”

This confusion from Iowa came at the same point that Texas Gov. Rick Perry accepted reality and dropped out. He didn’t even wait to get his clock cleaned in the South Carolina primary coming up Saturday before deciding it was time to return home.

That has many of the political observers convinced that former Sen. Newt Gingrich of Georgia (who now lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.) is going to become the recipient of the ABM vote.

ALL THOSE PEOPLE who want Anybody But Mitt as the Republican presidential nominee (because they think he’s not enough of an ideologue for their taste) could whomp on Romney if they do solidify themselves behind one lone candidate.
PERRY: Accepting reality?

Yet before Gingrich gets all excited about his chances, he’s having to defend himself from what he anticipated would be an attack by one of his ex-wives – who gave an interview to ABC News.

Supposedly, the man who would like to think he stands for Christian morals told wife number two that he wanted either a divorce – or permission to cheat (a.k.a., an “open marriage”).

Honestly, I can’t figure who is suffering the most. It’s like these candidates are determined to see who can batter themselves up more than anyone else. It’s like the Republican electorate is determined to put forth the most bloodied-and-battered nominee to take on Barack Obama – who gets to spend the next few months raising the millions of dollars that could enable him to bury the GOP nominee come the Nov. 6 elections.

IF I DIDN’T know better, I’d think it was some sort of conspiracy by the Obama camp to ensure that he gets “four more years!” of residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.

Or maybe this is Ron Paul at work. Because as much as I personally don’t think he has the temperament to be president, I have to confess that he is starting to look like the most rational excuse of a human being in the running for the Republican nomination for U.S. president.

In fact, it has me wondering if he will be the “big” winner of all this chaos taking place. Just the fact that his name isn’t being associated with something bizarre could make him the person that people who pick a Republican ballot cast their vote for.

“Vote for Paul. The boring guy!”

THAT IS WHAT this election cycle has devolved down to, and we’re not even past voters in two of the 50 states (along with the District of Columbia and various territories) having their say.
PAUL: The 'sane' candidate

This certainly won’t be an election cycle remembered for “hope” and “change” (which are noble goals, even though nitwits like Chris Christie and Sarah Palin try mocking them) and people inspired to vote for “A Better America.”

The Nov. 6 general election was always destined to become the election cycle in which people cast their vote for the candidate they despise the least.

Now, it seems that the primaries (including our own on March 20) will take on the same tone. Which doesn’t do a thing for making me want to vote.


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