Saturday, December 24, 2011

Does Rahm like Jingle Bells?

I’m going to repeat my traditional holiday message in hoping that all of you (whether celebrating Christmas, the fifth and sixth days of Hanukkah, making preparations for Kwanzaa, or doing something else) have a pleasant weekend.
EMANUEL: What would he sing to Occupy-types?

Log off your computer, or whatever kind of device you happen to be using to read this weblog or anything else on the Internet. Enjoy a weekend away from all the nonsense that pollutes the alleged information superhighway (does anyone even use that phrase anymore?).

GET OUT INTO the real world with other people. It will definitely be a more rewarding experience for you. Serious commentary will return to this weblog on Monday.

But if you absolutely feel compelled to check out something, view this video of a most unique take on “Jingle Bells.” I promise that I’m wishing you a happier holiday than the “Occupy Wall Street” types based in Chicago wish Mayor Rahm Emanuel to have.

Because singing Christmas carol parodies for Chicago’s first Jewish mayor (even if you agree with the sentiment expressed in song) almost sounds like a twisted parody, in and of itself!


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