Monday, May 16, 2016

Would Trump presidential downfall be real if ’16 becomes Year of the Woman?

The key to deciding whether or not likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will have a credible shot at actually winning the November general election will be the degree to which women bother to assert themselves.

Will images like this wind up impacting the presidential dreams of Donald Trump?
If it turns out that large numbers of female voters are actually offended at the notion of the Trump who regards women as his playthings and nothing more wind up voting, then Trump truly has no chance of winning.

HE WILL TAKE down the Republican Party, and will wind up causing significant change to our political structure – the one that has evolved into an overly-ideological mess in recent decades.

But what if it turns out that Republican National Chairman Reince Preibus is right – that the vast majority of people aren’t all that concerned about the tales that are going to be spewed about Trump’s philandering past and hostile attitudes toward women who bother to assert themselves?

I realize that Preibus is trying to protect the Republican Party infrastructure and wants to create a perception that this is just another election like usual.

But it will really be up to the women to decide whether they care. And if it turns out that the women who do fear greatly the notion of a Trump president can’t inspire significant voter turnout come November, then perhaps it will be no one else’s fault but their own.

THE SIMPLE FACT, as I have written repeatedly, is that this election cycle is going to be a vote for “Anybody But …” It will come down to people walking into the voting booth and having to decide, “Who do I hate less?”

I’m realistic enough that for some people, the image of Hillary Clinton is one of despisement. They were the people who hated the notion of Bill Clinton as president to the point where they tried to remove him from office via impeachment and are still disgusted the majority of the nation didn’t go along with them nearly 20 years ago.

Heck, I have always suspected that their disgust for Hillary was even more intense than their dislike for Bill. They probably blame her for motivating him, and may even think Bill’s big weakness is that he can’t control her!

I don’t doubt that the kind of people who will view this election as a matter of keeping “that broad” away from the Oval Office will be the ones who won’t be bothered by what Trump thinks of Rosie O’Donnell or the fact that he bought a beauty pageant to gain access to so many women.

THAT’S PROBABLY THEIR own personal fantasy!

We’re going to have to see how this election cycle shapes up. Because I do believe that a solid female vote motivated by a despising of the image that Trump created for years through his multiple wives and girlfriends and repeated appearances on Howard Stern’s radio program is the basis for the notion that Trump can’t possibly win the presidency.

It will be more of a factor than the many Latinos who will turn out this election cycle to cast their ballots against Trump. We may actually get a record-higher Latino turnout for Clinton this time around not because we like her, but because we absolutely can’t stand that pendejo.

But while I have personal interest in increased political empowerment for the growing Latino population of this nation (one which I’m sure Trump fanatics fantasize about him shrinking), I’m honest enough to realize it’s going to be about the ladies this time around.

PERHAPS EVEN THE Latinas if they get organized in a way they never have before.

So how is this election cycle going to turn out? It will be a disgustingly low turnout. Many people will get apathetic – and only the hard-core will feel compelled.

Will there be a significant female share of the hard-core? I’m sure that would be Donald Trump’s biggest nightmare come true.

And one he and the Republican ideologue backers who will devote their time to trying to preserve their own self-interests will work hard to try to keep from becoming a reality!


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