Monday, October 14, 2013

Get over Bartman already. He didn't do anything wrong, except spare us the sight of another World Series four-game sweep by New York Yankees!

I still recall coming home from a late night of work 10 years ago Monday to find my brother, Chris, a bit irritated.

Some take this thought too seriously
He was sitting in front of the television watching the National League playoff game being played that night, and listening to the hysteria of announcers getting all worked up over what had just happened a few minutes before.

A FAN A godawful, lowly fan, of all things, had somehow managed to do something stupid that was costing the Chicago Cubs a ballgame, and may well shift the momentum of the game to cause the Cubs to fail to win their first league championship since 1945.

As it turned out, they were talking about Steve Bartman, who at that point hadn’t even been smuggled out of the ballpark to avoid nitwitted Cubs fans from attempting a lynching from the outfield wall.

Yes, the fans that night were stupid enough that they may well have wrapped his neck in the ivy and tried dangling him from those outfield walls.

My brother (who, for what it’s worth, is a New York Yankees fan and was only interested in the National League playoffs that year to see who the Yankees would wind up playing against) was disgusted with the announcer hype that was trying to make it seem as though a lone fan could impact a pennant race in such a way.

THE FACT THAT the Cubs immediately committed a series of plays right after that foul ball that left fielder Moises Alou was unable to catch doesn’t seem to register.

He wasn't gonna catch that ball!!!
Everybody wants to blame Bartman – to the point where he has lived his life in seclusion for the past decade and likely will never go public because there will be some loser Cubs fan who will think he’s defending the ball club’s honor by harming him.

Truly evidence of how pathetic some in our society can be – even though I’m sure there are those people who are desperate to believe that Bartman actually did something wrong.

Even though if you watch the video of the controversial play, all he did was saw a foul ball headed toward where he was sitting in the stands and he was part of a scrum of people that lunged to get it.

THE FACT THAT Alou whined about the fans getting in his way comes across (to me, at least) as someone looking for an excuse for his own inability.

Would '03 have been '32 and '38 repeat?
As I recall, Bartman didn’t even get the ball. Some other fan did, and to my knowledge that person’s identity has never become commonly known.

Which is why I always thought it was ridiculous when “the ball,” as cursed as Cubs fans want to believe it is, wound up at Harry Caray’s restaurant, where somebody rigged it up to an electronic gizmo that caused it to explode into shreds.

Supposedly, some of the dust was mixed in with a pasta sauce that was served at the restaurant as though it were some exotic delicacy – instead of a potential health code violation that should have warranted the restaurant a fine!

IT LITERALLY HAS been a full decade since that ballgame, yet I don’t see any evidence that Cubs fans are willing to let go of the idea that their team should have been in the World Series that year against the Yankees, rather than the Florida Marlins (whose third base coach that year went on to lead the Chicago White Sox to an American League championship and World Series title just two years later).\

Yes, our very own Ozzie Guillen, who during his time as White Sox manager could always be counted on to feed the baseball fire in Chicago by calling Wrigley Field a dump.

Those fans who want to live in an alternate fantasy universe probably dream how the Cubs went on to beat the Yankees – somehow feeding off the fact that Miami wound up beating the Yankees in the World Series.

They want to put a significance to Steve Bartman that is totally unwarranted, and ought to be long-forgotten.

Never sewn to a Cubs' cap
BECAUSE AS IT turns out, the historic significance of the 2003 World Series had nothing to do with the Marlins or the Cubs. It wound up being the last World Series played at the REAL Yankee Stadium.

Although we didn’t realize that fact until the building was closed for good some five seasons later.


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