Tuesday, June 26, 2012

EXTRA: Yoooo-uk?

We have the latest non-controversy of the campaign session – although I suspect the only people who truly are offended are those New England region residents who persist in voting for Republicans.

They do exist, although they’re about as populous as that segment of Chicago city residents who identify with the GOP.

I’M REFERRING TO President Barack Obama’s comment at a Boston fundraiser where he thanked those in attendance for the fact that long-time Boston Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis is now a member of the Chicago White Sox.

Whom we all know is the president’s favorite ballclub (he adopted them upon moving to Chicago and settling in the Sout’ Side of the city). Only it seems that some people in that campaign crowd “boo-ed” the president (although some people on the scene claim they were really doing the “Yoooo-uk” chant that will no longer be heard at Fenway Park).

How dare the president rub it in the faces of Red Sox fandom that all of baseball isn’t supposed to bow down for their benefit! Because the perception of this trade is that the White Sox picked up a veteran ballplayer who could actually help their chances of making it to the playoffs this season, in exchange for a couple of fringe players who won’t mean much in the long-term.

Then again, nobody expected Sammy Sosa to ever amount to much when the White Sox gave him up to get a veteran ballplayer in the form of George Bell back in 1992.

BRENT LILLIBRIDGE OR Zach Stewart = Sammy Sosa? Not likely! Not on any level.

And Obama making a comment that Youkilis needing to change the color of his socks from Red to White equaling a legitimate campaign controversy? Even less likely!

Somehow, I just can’t envision the campaign cycle swirling around in reverse because of this one moment. No matter how much some political operatives (who, deep down, probably prefer football) would like to think so.

Real baseball fans have too much sense to fall for this nonsense.


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