Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EXTRA: Soon to be most popular video snippet on television and the Internet

DALEY: Soon to be the 'brains' behind Obama?
You just know that if President Barack Obama persists with plans to make William Daley his new chief of staff (replacing Rahm Emanuel) that we’re going to have to see, over and over, this particular video snippet from when Daley was announced as the new Secretary of Commerce  back in 1996.

That position set the stage for Daley to be one of the heavyweights behind the effort to get Al Gore elected president in 2000. Could it also be setting things up for the Daleys to play a heavy role in getting Obama elected to a second term – despite all the Tea Party types who are convinced that their electoral victories from November 2010 are merely the first step toward deposing Obama?

FROM HIS END, I could envision Daley wishing to return to Washington and to government service. I can’t envision his postion with JP Morgan Chase & Co. to be professionally rewarding – no matter what the financial compensation may be.

Besides, with older brother, Rich, stepping down from City Hall come May, I would think that many of the familial restraints about doing something that could reflect badly are now loosened.

So maybe we will get another Chicagoan as the guy who actually runs the White House staff for the president’s benefit. (I don’t want to hear any wisecracks about how Richard J. Daley made a president out of JFK through inappropriate political behavior).

Here’s only hoping the stage lights don’t get to William again when/if (it’s not definite, yet) an announcement is made.


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