Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EXTRA: Burke says "no" to recusal

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke told Crain's Chicago Business on Wednesday she has no intent of recusing herself from the high court's actions relating to Rahm Emanuel's worthiness to be on the mayoral ballot come the Feb. 22 elections.

Burke said that only does she have a mind of her own apart from her husband (implying that demands she recuse herself are sexist), I got a kick out of her comments recalling that  her husband (who is a Gery Chico backer) did not like it much when she worked for Illinois state government under then-Gov. Jim Edgar -- a Republican.

BUT SHE DID it anyway.

And now, that's one less element for the conspiracy theorists to take into account. Then again, those people are going to concoct a wild theory no matter what the state Supreme Court does with regard to the mayoral elections.


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The result of the Supreme’s decision isn’t necessarily wrong; it, too, seems rational and fair. It’s reasoning, however, crafts certainty out of thin air. It belittles the problem, seemingly out of pique. The problems with the underlying law in Chicago and the court’s own precedent it simply pixie dusted away, a means to an end that the concurring justices gently chided them about.