Thursday, February 4, 2010

EXTRA: New indictment for Milorod

Personally, I’m Blagojevich’d out.

My mind goes numb right now when having to think of the one-time Illinois governor whom his Democratic “allies” eagerly enjoyed being able to impeach and remove from office, while GOPers look forward to screeching his name every day between now and Nov. 2 to drum up more support for their candidates on Election Day.

SO I’M NOT going to offer up rabid commentary about the “deep meaning” of the new indictment that came down Thursday. Other sites around the Internet will be more than eager to give you that. Federal prosecutors have slightly different charges – but the end result will be the same.

Federal officials want to be able to lock Rod Blagojevich away in a federal correctional center for many years to come. By this point, the new indictment merely takes us to a different degree of political corruption, and gives us more legalese that I suspect most people will never truly comprehend. They will just think “guilty” based on the old cliché of, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

For those of you anxious to actually read the indictment, it is available in many places on the Internet. This ( is where I initially found it. But if you want to go elsewhere to see it, that’s your business.

One final thought. How chaotic would things have been had this indictment come down late last week (just before the primary elections) or on Monday? Would we have people getting all worked up with conspiracy theories about the U.S. attorney’s office trying to influence the elections? All too likely!


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