Tuesday, February 2, 2010

IT'S OVER: Burke - 4,414; Lozano - 3,980

There's only one lone city-based precinct in the Illinois House 23rd district Democratic primary that has yet to be counted, and it seems that state Rep. Dan Burke, D-Chicago, has defeated activist Rudy Lozano Jr., by a 50 percent to 45 percent margin on Tuesday.

And for those of you who want to think that either of the other two candidates who were on the ballot -- Martin Meza-Zavala or Rene Diaz -- deprived Lozano of votes that could have enabled him to win, forget it.

THEIR COMBINED 383 votes would not have plugged the gap.

So now we're going to see how Burke behaves as he enters his third decade in the Illinois House (he's been a legislator since 1991). He has tried learning the Spanish language to help communicate, and is the one white guy who makes an effort to include himself with the Legislature's "Latino" Caucus.

But he's going to have Latino activists watching him closely in coming years, which means he had better make the effort to reach out -- unless he really does want to lose his seat come 2012.



Anonymous said...

Dan Burke's allies put the other two candidates in the race. The allies did this to benefit Dan Burke. Why not just let the voters decide?

Anonymous said...

this was copied and pasted from the board of elections webpage.

DEM - Rep. In Gen. Assembly, 23rd
60 out of 61 precincts (98.36 %)

Rudy Lozano 3,748 46.01 %
Daniel J. Burke 4,050 49.72 %
Martin Meza-Zavala 143 1.76 %
Rene Diaz 205 2.52 %

If the two Zavala and Diaz would not have been part of the equation that would have freed up enough votes to put rudy on top.

Burke is a scum bag and his days as a state rep will soon end

Anonymous said...

I like the fact you stay anonymous. The math doesn't add up. If you can't figure it out then you need Alderman Munoz to clout you in a school for math lessons.

Guess what? I'm anonymous toooooo!!!!