Sunday, April 12, 2015

Insults without details and pleas for our cash; Chelsea's mother begins campaign

Hillary R. Clinton let it be known Sunday she’s running for president. It’s no longer speculation. She is now actively campaigning for the highest electoral post possible.

Which means the attacks are already reigning down upon her!

I WAS PARTICULARLY amused by the statement issued by Illinois Republican Chairman Tim Schneider in the way it managed to attack the one-time first lady, senator from New York and secretary of state without saying anything specifically bad about her.

Republican political operatives intend to hold Clinton accountable. Although I expect the level of intensity of the attacks will reach record-high levels.

As Schneider put it, “We look forward to seeing how Clinton answers for all the controversy, scandal and hypocrisy.” That’s a pretty loaded statement to make, particularly since GOPers aren’t offering up specific instances of controversy, scandal and hypocrisy.

Although my guess is that we’ll get many specific details during the upcoming year-and-a-half of what these allegedly improper acts are.

BY THE TIME this campaign cycle is over, Hillary’s political reputation may delve back to the levels it was at when she was first lady (and certain people thought her too pushy and bossy to be so close to the White House).

It certainly will be a long way aways from her time as secretary of state when she largely handled her duties in a responsible way and people gained a new-found respect for her.

Except for those conservative ideologues who think that everyone who isn’t a member of their own personal church congregation is condemned to Hell anyways. Although my definition of eternal damnation is being stuck in a place with those people!

Of course, all this Republican rhetoric is canned. It was likely written years ago, just waiting for the day when Hillary kicked off her campaigning for real.

IN MY OWN case, I got the official Schneider statement on Sunday just over an hour prior to the Democratic National Committee e-mail statement saying that Hillary really is running for office.

It was followed up a few minutes later by an e-mail from the House Majority PAC pointing out that they have no record of me having made a financial donation to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Which they hope means more people turning out to vote who are inclined to pick Democrats to serve in Congress AND reduce the influence of House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

All of which is merely a sampling of the appeals we’re all going to get in coming months – nasty notes from the Republicans and pleas from Hillary for our money so she can repel all the GOP negativism, while daughter Chelsea tries to live as normal a life as is possible with such political parents.


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