Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EXTRA: Ill. still recommends $100M for future Obama presidential library

Do Ed Sullivan and ...
After all the hub-bub and excitement, the rants and rages, and all the talk of how sleazy and corrupt the deal was, it seems that an Illinois House committee STILL gave its recommendation to having the state kick in some funds to the effort that could someday see the President Barack Obama library and museum locate in Chicago.

Remember a few weeks ago when the Illinois House Executive Committee recommended the measure, largely because Republican members of the committee didn’t realize the committee was still meeting, even after expanded gambling was debated?

... other Republican members ...
THAT CAUSED QUITE the stink, to the point where Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, sent the proposal back to committee where it got reviewed again.

That occurred on Wednesday at the Statehouse in Springfield (rather than in Chicago at the Bilandic Building, as it occurred last time).

The committee met. People spoke. Outrage was expressed. And in the end, that committee voted 7-4 along purely partisan lines to recommend the bill that calls for the use of $100 million in state funds for the project – for which Chicago is competing against New York and Honolulu interests.

... of Ill. House Exec committee ...
This was never in doubt. The Democrats do control the General Assembly (and even if a GOP candidate were to become governor, he’s going to learn how unpleasant Michael Madigan can be to work with if one gets too pushy).

BUT NOW, THE Republican members of that committee are on the record as voting “No” against something that could be seen as supporting the image of the GOP “anti-Christ” himself – Obama!!! (That’s how ridiculous the rhetoric gets, at times).

... now have clear partisan conscience?
I hope Executive Committee Republican spokesman Ed Sullivan, Jr., R-Mundelein, along with committee member Reps. Renee Kosel, R-New Lenox; Joe Sosnowski, R-Rockford; and Michael Tryon, R-Crystal Lake, feel better. (I sense the sarcasm dripping from that sentence).

Now, nobody can imply they would vote “Yes” for something that might actually be a tourist attraction. Or at least more of an attraction than the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum in Grand Rapids, Mich.

And just in case anyone has any doubt, it is very likely that the Democratic margins of controlling the General Assembly will prevail. This WILL pass the Legislature and get signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn – no matter how much rhetoric is mustered up by the political opposition.


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