Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EXTRA: It’s Ovah!!!

No more Haray Caray tag phrases to describe the status of the labor dispute that shuttered the Chicago Public Schools for seven week days.

Instead, we’ll use the call of the current Chicago White Sox broadcaster – Ken Harrelson’s catch phrase for the end of a ballgame.

HIS SOUTHERN DRAWL might well be the best way to inform people that the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates managed to get its act together on Tuesday to support having teachers return to classrooms now, with an actual vote by the teachers on the contract to come in the near future.

Kids will be returning to class on Wednesday, unless they’re playing hooky. I’d like to think they’re skipping class so they can follow the White Sox’ bid for a division title (that victory Monday against Detroit was REALLY huge). Are there even truant officers any more to go in pursuit of those errant young people?

Although I can’t help but wonder how Harrelson would have handled himself if, by chance, he had been asked to broadcast a report about the progress of labor negotiations between the teachers union and the Chicago Public Schools.

Would he have become so disgusted by the conduct on both sides that he would have given us the same treatment he does during White Sox games whenever somebody does something bone-headed?

WHICH ANY WHITE Sox fan knows amounts to pure silence, dead air while he seethes in anger!

So to mark the overall lack of intelligence that has been expressed during negotiations of the past two weeks, here’s the weblog equivalent of silence from, “the Hawk.”

And no, I’m not about to venture a guess as to whom Harrelson would have regarded as “the good guys” in this labor dispute.


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