Thursday, July 28, 2011

EXTRA: Does Raja have the Latino vote?

KRISHNAMOORTHI: The Latino choice?
Raja Krishnamoorthi is the suburban candidate for Congress who has the fundraising ability, but a significant lack of name recognition compared to his opponent, in his bid to fill what will be an empty seat in Illinois’ congressional delegation in next year’s election cycle.

So perhaps it is only natural for Krishnamoorthi to boast of a new group willing to back his bid against Tammy Duckworth in next year’s Democratic primary elections – going so far as  to issue a statement on Thursday.

WE LITERALLY NOW have a “Latinos for Raja” committee saying it is willing to support Krishnamoorthi – who hopes to become the first Asian to represent a part of Illinois in Congress (although Duckworth would achieve the same “first” if she wins election next November).

Yes, Latinos are a fast-growing group (just over 2 million of Illinois’ 12 million residents have their ethnic origins in Latin American nations), and we are everywhere. Although the new Illinois Eighth Congressional district isn’t exactly a hot-spot for the Latino population (the suburban district is roughly 23 percent Latino – not a majority by any means).

But at this stage of the campaign, Raja will take support wherever he can get it.

Even from a group of 60 Latinos who, quite frankly, have no individual name recognition of their own. There aren’t any heavy-hitter politicos in the group backing Krishnamoorthi.

THEN AGAIN, PERHAPS it is by banding together that these Latino voters will gain some political influence. Just like every other group (even the Irish) that attempts to advance ethnic or racial interests when it comes to electoral politics.

Strength in numbers.

Besides, if this really does become a long, drawn-out political brawl (and NOT like the poll that shows Duckworth leading Krishnamoorthi 69 percent to eight), then perhaps it will be an early showing of Latino support that could wind up swinging this election one way or another.


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