Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For the suburbs, the “big day” is April 5

It has been a point of confusion for many people who live in the 128 other municipalities that comprise Cook County, or the roughly 140 cities, towns and villages that comprise the collar county suburbs.
Suburban officials Cynthia Doorn and ...

For most of those people, Tuesday is just Tuesday. There’s nothing electoral about it.

MOST OF THOSE places operate under electoral laws by which they need a surplus of candidates to have any need for initial and run-off elections for this particular municipal cycle. There are also many suburban towns that had their elections  in 2009 – which means they’re not due for a chance for another two years.

So most of those local government posts in the Chicago suburbs that are up for grabs this year won’t come up for another month. Which means that we’re in a situation where the city will vote for its officials on one day, and the suburbs will pick their local leaders on another date.

There are the lone exceptions in Cook County, where the clerk’s office is going to have to maintain polling places in two south suburban villages.

In both Dolton and South Holland, four people are running for seats on the village board. It was because of those two elections that the county clerk’s office had to maintain an early voting center through last week in the latter village.

IT IS BECAUSE of those two elections that Clerk David Orr will have a miniscule role to play, keeping track of the votes counted in the 48 precincts in those two suburbs combined, before he can call it a night and go home.
... Willie Lowe will be the few with Tuesday  jitters

Rev. Willie Lowe of Dolton (one of Assessor Joe Berrios’ backers in last year’s countywide election cycle) and Cynthia Doorn of South Holland are the two suburban officials trying to get re-elected who will experience Election Night jitters on Tuesday.

Everybody else will be waiting for Tuesday to end so they can start their serious campaigning for the April elections.


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