Saturday, January 20, 2018

“Chicago” West?

Should we, the people of the world’s greatest city (in my opinion, and I don’t care if you disagree) feel complimented, or offended, that entertainer Kanye West and his celebrity wife, Kim Kardashian, chose to name their newest daughter after our municipality?
Announcement Kardashian posted of daughter's name

Or should we just count down the years and days until the newly-named Chicago West becomes old enough to go to court and have her moniker changed to something less likely to draw attention?

THE NEWS REPORTS spilled out Friday about the fact that Kanye West, who grew up in Chicago and is often regarded as one of our city’s celebrities, picked his home for his daughter’s name.

Although I wonder how the girl will feel about her name when she learns that our city was named for the wild leek (a type of onion) that grew along the shores of what is now the Chicago River.

Supposedly, the whole area stank from the onions, with the smell reminding those of that of skunks. At least according to those of the Miami tribe that were once native to the shores of Lake Michigan.

When you think of the name in this context, it makes me wonder if we should consider the naming of this child some form of abuse? Are they pre-punishing her for any mischievous behavior she may commit later in life?

THEN AGAIN, CHICAGO West wouldn’t be the only pseudo-celeb to carry a burg’s name as their own.

Let’s not forget the international soccer star David Beckham and his Spice Girl bride Victoria (a.k.a., Posh Spice) who named their son Brooklyn. Supposedly, they were in the New York borough when he was conceived.

Should we take this to mean that Kanye brought his bride to visit his home town when they made their third child, and second daughter? Or is it just a quirk of Kanye that he’d think Chicago could be a proper name?

Perhaps it’s a way of showing spite toward the mentality that now shouts its way into the public discourse in this Age of Trump every time the president feels compelled to say something stupid about our beloved home city.

KANYE WEST IS showing that “Chicago” can be something beautiful, no matter how trashy Trump tries to depict it as being.

Or maybe it’s just a recognition that Atlanta, the city in which Kanye West was actually born, doesn’t have as nice a ring.

Really, “Atlanta West” just wouldn’t work. It would be too likely to rile up the natives into a revolt. Although there are times I suspect that southerners are looking for any excuse to revolt about anything possible.

Anyway, it appears that Chicago West was born Monday, and came in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Does this mean we can now start thinking of “Chicago” as having a new birthday? And speculate about how the girl will be 19 when her namesake city turns 200 (come the year 2037)?
The original namesake of 'Chicago'

OF COURSE, WE could all realize this is far too much speculation about the creation of a new girl who probably deserves a degree of privacy – but certainly won’t ever get it on account of who her parents are.

I can’t envision anyone with a Kardashian connection wanting to be low-profile about anything in life.

As for anybody who feels compelled to want to mock this family for their moniker choice, I can only speculate – as I have for just over 600 words.

That what really has their undershorts all bunched up is the fact that THEIR city name wasn’t picked. Because something like “St. Louis West” or “Indianapolis West” would just be too ridiculous to contemplate.


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