Thursday, June 27, 2013

Political cowardice on gay marriage, local officials must make up own mind

I found the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling with regard to gay marriage to be amusing, in a cynical kind of way!

SUPREME COURT: Forcing us to make own decision
Because I suspect there are many people on our local political scene who acted in ways that I believe meant they wanted to get away without ever having to take a stance.

I BELIEVE THEY were desperately hoping that the high court would issue a ruling that would resolve the matter altogether. Perhaps they wanted the court to strike down the concept so boldly that they would never have to consider it again.

Or even those who may want marriage to be a legitimate option for gay couples but have their own yellow streak where their backbones ought to be located. Perhaps they wanted a hard-hitting ruling that would settle the issue once-and-for-all!

We’d have gay marriage, and they would never have to vote on it.

But the Supreme Court’s ruling Wednesday morning, when broken down to its basics, says essentially that this is an issue for each and every state to have to resolve on its own.

THE PEOPLE WHO tried to strike down California’s efforts to legitimate marriage for gay couples lost – meaning that the issue has some legitimacy. But our national maps are going to become the equivalent of a checkerboard – with some states allowing the concept and others going out of their way to express their hostility.

In our case, State Line Road is likely to become a serious point of demarcation between where friendly and hostile forces exist on this issue.

Of course, there are so many other issues where the regions of our nation differ. We probably can predict which states will ultimately accept gay marriage – and which will be hostile until the day that some sort of federal order comes down imposing the change upon them.

ILLINOIS HOUSE: Whose lead will they follow?
Then again, maybe this issue will turn out like the whole civil rights debacle that also was created by the Supreme Court earlier this week – with the federal restrictions imposed on southern states to crush segregation were lifted on the grounds that they’re obsolete and no longer necessary.

EVEN THOUGH I suspect some people have been waiting for decades for the chance to have the restrictions lifted so that they could start subtly nudging the nation back in their ideological direction.

Wishful thinking on their part, but I also suspect there will be some people who will be eager to rant and rage when it comes to gay marriage.; hoping that if they 'hold out' long enough, they will get their way! We’re already getting statements from many Catholic officials trying to downplay the significance of the Supreme Court’s ruling by saying the issue is now in the hands of the legislatures.

Actually, they’re right!

If the Illinois General Assembly continues to be as weak-willed on the issue as it was this spring, then there will be no significant change. We will continue to lag behind Iowa on this issue; AND could wind up being paired up with Indiana as the last holdouts among the Great Lakes states.

I DON’T KNOW how they’re going to behave on this issue come the fall veto session – which is when some people said this spring the issue should be postponed until. Soon enough, we will get to re-live this spring's rancid rhetoric.

MADIGAN: Doomed by issue?
I just find it amusing that the people who serve in our state Legislature are going to have to take a stance on the issue – it’s not going away. The pissed-off activist-types who are threatening to take down the potential gubernatorial aspirations of Lisa Madigan (who as a state senator and state attorney general has been among their supporters) as payback will ensure that we hear about it.

Even though the religious-types who want to think they’re being morally superior are also going to keep up their rhetoric until we all have a headache and are sick of hearing about the issue.

I’m sure the Supreme Court of the United States left some of our Illinois House members quaking in their pants – they’re going to have to figure out this issue for themselves and take a stance! Which is supposedly the reason we send them to Springfield in the first place.


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