Monday, October 12, 2009

Illinois offers a balance while becoming a new front in ethnic culture wars

Am I the only one who wonders if the announcement this past weekend promoting the change in the school code to include more Hispanic accomplishments in history courses was somehow timed to balance out the announcement that Illinois now has a new representative to Africa.

Sure enough, we do ( Dr. Carol Adams was moved from her post as director of the Illinois Department of Human Resources to her new title, which really means she'll be working out of the state's trade office in Johannesburg. Which means she'll be trying to get people in all the nations of Africa to buy Illinois-made goods and services.

REGARDLESS OF THE timing, the school code change is long overdue. Personally, I remember the contributions of Spanish-speaking people to our history as being so miniscule (according to the official curriculum) as to be non-existent. The fact that history courses will now have to be more accurate in acknowledging the accomplishments of all ought to be praised by all, except for the nativist nitwits who can't stand hearing about anyone except themselves.

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