Saturday, September 5, 2009

A plus or a minus for Kirk

Rep. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., wants to be in the Senate, and is now having to deal with a set of campaign ads that portrays him as insensitive (if not downright ignorant) on the issue of immigration.

But in the climate of society these days when it comes to immigration, does it really hurt a Republican who is facing concerns that he's not conservative enough on social issues to be thought of as anti-immigration? It would hurt him come the general election, but there's also the chance that it is so far away that people will have forgotten the ads currently airing in places where the growing Latino population will see and hear them.

FOR ALL THOSE people who are offended at the image of Kirk's face inside the ring of a condom and think it is a shot to his reputation, I'd argue it is similar to the way Latinos felt watching Jim Oberweis fly over Soldier Field in a helicopter, spewing his rhetoric in a cheap attempt to gain votes.

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